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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life happens!

And goodness sakes has it happened to me the past several months! If you are wondering if I dropped of the face of the earth...well I do have moments it feels that way...but I haven't. I am simply in one of the craziest busy times yet in my life. Things got interesting with my children and school, so I am homeschooling my oldest the next semester. This will allow us the chance to switch schools and get him and his brother the help they need due to their Asperger's Syndrome. It wasn't being acknowledged like it needed to be at the school we were attending. We are very grateful that they will finally be getting evaluated privately thanks to the services of the local Autism Society.

Along with this we were VERY surprised to find out that we are indeed going to increase the size of our family by one more. This lovely little girl is due at the beginning of March, and so I dare say that unless I am mistaken I will probably be scarce here a few more months. While I have shaken my head many times during this pregnancy thinking what in the world does the Lord see as the purpose of sending another child to our "monkey and squirrel" filled home?! I was given the knowledge that this little one needs us as much if not more than we need her. That is something I can wrap my brain around and fact it gives me a bit of peace knowing that.

We have had family and friends pass away from this life over the past few months as well...the most significant being that of my 92 year old grandmother who passed just before Christmas. The legacy she leaves behind for the rest of us is incredible...and I will have to share it with you sometime...probably come June when she would have been 93. She was and is simply incredible and the life she led and all she endured and overcame is inspirational to all that know of it.

So, in short...I am still around, just overcoming and doing my best to triumph over a decent amount of challenges and trials that have come the past half year, and will probably last about another half year. I truly hope that life is treating you a bit kinder right now...and if it isn't...then in the words of a wonderfully wise and enduring woman...GRANDMA!..."Just keep going!!"

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